Schedule Management


 “Patton’s history of successful scheduling is based on establishing relationships and open communication.”

Patton starts with a pull plan developed with all trade partners. Patton also pull plans with internal teams to establish “cushions” in the schedule to reduce overall risk for the project and acts to help maintain the project schedule. When a schedule issue arises, Patton quickly collaborates internally and identifies potential solutions to get the project back on track. 


Patton’s forecasting model provides the basis for all scheduling and resource management. Patton’s forecasting model is displayed on a big screen, in the company Big Room in real time. Patton’s Five Year Forecasting Model forecasts labor needs on two levels. Macro: Patton Six Month Labor Proforma. Patton uses this tool to maintain an even flow of work while maintaining commitments to long-term projects. Patton’s preconstruction and construction teams use this to negotiate precise start times. Micro: Three Week Labor Planner is evaluated by the General Foreman and project leads. Project leads adjust manpower needs based on the evolution of the project schedule daily.