Patton Air Conditioning is the leader in automation control systems for buildings installed in the central San Joaquin Valley. Patton technicians monitor systems installed in Hospital Facilities, Industrial Buildings, Offices, Restaurants, Surgery Centers, Medical Office Buildings, Skilled Nursing Facilities and Educational Buildings.


  • Optimized start/stop of Building equipment, Outdoor and Building temperatures are monitored to select the latest possible time for starting the HVAC to achieve set point temperature at the occupied time.
  • Each building component is provided a unique customized schedule.
  • Power demand limit control. Electrical demand can be limited to a pre-determined level by cycling off loads for pre-determined periods of time. Loads to be cycled off are based on priority and rotated for least possible impact on building comfort.
  • After a power failure, equipment is staged during restart to prevent excessive peak load.


  • Air filter switches notify service personnel that filters are restricted. This prevents a service problem due to dirty filters, minimizes the frequency of filter changes and reduces energy consumption.
  • Alarms are sent to service personnel when preset temperature and operating limits are exceeded. Service technicians can respond faster with the correct materials for repair. This helps reduce energy consumption by identifying equipment that is running but not performing optimally.
  • Electrical phase loss protection for three-phase equipment reduces the possibility of expensive motor failure.


  • Problems with equipment can often be detected before the occupant experiences discomfort by automatically sending alarm messages, and triggering a service call.
  • Logs are created for equipment and building temperatures, pressures, run times, power consumption, after hours use and other applications. This valuable information allows Patton to solve problems faster with less cost to the owner.