“The Patton engineering team is committed to collaboration at every level; from design through the construction process.”

Patton engineers focus on relationship and take responsibility for project objectives as soon as they are brought into the planning process. Patton’s goal is to create systems that are effective in both price and performance and stand the test of time.

The collaborative team mentality allows Patton to provide fast and effective resolution to issues that arise throughout design and installation. Patton’s relationship-based approach provides more opportunity than the typical project-focused consulting model.


Patton utilizes the A3 process to resolve every-day operation and process problems with sustainable solutions. This allows Patton’s technical staff to focus on resolving more difficult problems that affect the entire design and construction team. The result is constant innovation and focus on the key issues that challenge our customers.


From project inception, the construction and field installation teams are included in the Patton ‘Basis of Construction’ process. The design, construction, and service teams evaluate the size and complexity of the project and determine when they need to be involved in decision-making. Team members with the most knowledge of when they add value make the call on their level of involvement. This process encourages team collaboration and enables each team member to add their greatest value at the right moments throughout the project.