Design Approach


“The Patton design team continuously adapts to find the most efficient path.”

Patton’s design approach stems from key lessons learned. It begins with a complete permit-ready design plans in 2D. Designers complete major engineering tasks and draft in CAD. Senior engineers apply best practices, minimize smoke/fire dampers and steer duct and pipe distribution systems away from building obstacles and pinch-points while CAD changes may be made quickly. This first stage coordination (the “old” way before 3D) maximizes senior level input before investing extensively in 3D modeling and increasing risk of rework.

When architectural design is frozen and structural layout is approx. 75% complete, teams model the MEPF systems. 3D Modeling is very fast. 3D rework wastes time and money. Patton has used this approach successfully on complex projects to model directly in Revit Fabrication, so each duct and pipe is ready to be transferred to manufacturing machines.